10 Secret Techniques For Your Branding Design

10 Secrets Techniques For Your Branding Design

10 Secret Techniques For Your Branding Design

According to Oberlo, one of the leading dropshipping enterprises, 81% of consumers purchase products based on brand trust. If your client does not trust your brand, all your marketing efforts will be in vain. Branding design forms an integral part of business growth and is the key to breaking barriers in the business world.

Many factors account for brand design, beyond your logo, marketing techniques, or general SEO. The popular misconception that better SEO equals success no longer works in the real world of digital marketing. You need to know your market well, cut a niche, build trust, and develop your customer base. Every step along the way depends on your initial branding techniques. Here are the key branding techniques that will make your business stand out in 2020.


Every business has to invest in market research continuously. According to a Forbes publication, the initial investment in market research reduces future marketing and branding costs. You have to know those whom you are targeting and their preferences. Learning what your audience wants is vital to creating what people will love. For instance, you cannot target a product to college students the same way you would to the elderly.


A logo design of your company can build or destroy its business prospects in the market. A perfectly designed logo is capable of initiating a good rapport with the consumers in regard to what you are trying to achieve. A good logo maintains the Image of your excellent service in the minds of your shoppers. According to Small Bizz Genius, a good logo and branding colours can influence up to 80% of your return customers. A carelessly created one fails to channel a business message and may harm your business. Therefore, you have to establish an effective logo to improve your brand design.


Your tagline and brand story gives the first impression of your business. Create a tagline that relates to your target market and one that associates with your brand story. The tagline conveys your business’s most important benefits or points of distinction in a few fascinating words. However, the information is harder than it looks and this is where most marketers fail.

I have to admit creating one that maintains its relevance forever seems impossible. It has to be improved, notably in a society that is always looking for the next best thing.

No wonder companies like coca-cola have been changing taglines more often. The Great National Temperament Beverage of 1906 was launched at the time when the U.S. was fighting to steer away from alcohol. The slogan perfectly fits the social status at that time. The latest, Test the feeling, is evidently aiming to win over younger consumers. That way, you should continuously work on your brand tagline to effectively connect with consumers.


Sometimes you don’t need to be unique, just better. You should learn from other people’s mistakes rather than waiting for your own. Keeping an eye on your competitors enables you to learn about the branding techniques that work well and those that don’t work. Knowing what to avoid and what works best is crucial to improving your brand. According to Forbes, price comparisons between your brand and competitors could play a major role in setting your brand above others. Many companies have built their brands solely on failures of competitors.


This is another excellent way to establish a connection with your consumers. It helps generate brand awareness. Social media has several users and they are active all the time. 69% of American adults use social media, according to the Pew Research Center (PRC). Facebook alone has an estimated 2.32 billion monthly active users, according to PRC.

The best part of it is that social networks offer low-cost advertising. You can take advantage of that to unveil your special offers and promote your content. Besides, with two-way communication, you will get to know your customers better. They can ask their questions; share their ideas and their interest as you respond just as fast.


What if you give the advertisement a little dose of comedy? Don’t you think being a little outrageous can make your brand extremely memorable? I mean like an Old Spice hilarious ad on YouTube, The man your man could smell like. Such funny ads not only leave an impression on the audience but also become viral. They get shared across the web and drive sales. The point is, try making your ads stand outside of the normal. According to

research done by Insivi, 90% of respondents say that viewing an entertaining video helps learn more about products.


Sharing your best content with the top-ranking blog sites will increase the reach of your post. The most important thing is sharing content that will stand out from the crowd. Ensure it is valuable and memorable. That way, you will be introduced to new audiences and make a lasting trust. Branding is all about showing your muscles and power. If you see a brand on TV, you are likely to trust it. In the same manner, having your brand linked on Forbes, HuffPost, or other high ranking blogs will make your brand trustworthy.


For your brand to stand out, your customer service should be as good as your marketing game. When you respond to customer complaints, sort out their problems, and offer helpful advice, you grow your brand. According to a HubSpot publication, 93% of Americans use customer service to decide on whether to do business with a brand or not.


In marketing, you have to be desperate. The remarketing campaign involves chasing after the users who visited your website and left before converting. You can do that by placing ads all across the websites your customers visit. That will make them see your business everywhere on their favourite blogs as they do their online shopping. Besides remarketing, you also need to retarget previous buyers. Many brands have used this strategy successfully. According to a publication on Ready Cloud, 70% of people who click on retargeting ads convert.


Following the brand design choice that you have decided upon in every area is imperative to creating a harmonious brand identity. However, remaining flexible in a society that is always looking for the next best thing is equally important. I won’t be surprised if coca-cola company changes their Test the Feeling slogan soon, given that U.S. citizens now mind so much about their health. No one will taste the feeling of high-calorie sugary beverages.


Having a successful business starts by creating a reputable brand. Reputation is not easy to grow, but it is the one thing that will help you scale the ladder in the world of business. Nike sells a pair of shoes at $4000, not because the shoes are superior but because of the brand name. If you want to succeed in any business, start by building trust in your brand name.

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