How to Get a QR Code for My Website

How to Get a QR Code for My Website

How to Get a QR Code for My Website

QR codes allow companies to reach out and touch your audience directly from their mobile devices. Whether it’s a consumer browsing the internet, a potential client reading a magazine, or a lead looking at a business’s marketing brochure, QR codes provide businesses with an opportunity to reach out and interact with them right away. 

Essentially, a website with a QR code creates a quick shortcut that eliminates the need to type the site’s URL manually. The extra convenience has the potential to increase site visitors, engagement, and sales. 

Generating a QR Code for Your Site 

There are many reasons why you might want a QR code for your website, including: 

Running a Marketing Campaign 

Running an effective marketing campaign requires engaging several platforms to reach a diverse audience and improve success. Businesses can create QR code links to target a new audience during exhibitions, marketing drives, or in-store campaigns. 

Here are a few marketing campaigns to conduct using QR codes. 

  • Video Campaigns: According to a recent study, 54% of consumers want to see more videos from their preferred brands. The rise of video content popularity means more people are open and willing to engage with videos. You can generate a QR code to promote videos on other non-digital mediums. For instance, you can display a food recipe on a poster or print a link to a movie preview on an ad banner. 
  • Grow Your Followers: A sizable social media following translates to higher opportunities for engagement, conversations, site traffic, and more sales. You can create QR code links to your social page, e.g., Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, to allow customers to follow your pages conveniently. 
  • Direct Mail: Direct mail marketing is known for its high ROI that you can further increase using QR codes. Generate a QR code that directs mail recipients to a personalized URL. The code directs visitors to a microsite which enhances user experience, lets you collect data, and improves the conversion rate. 

Contactless Payment Options 

It’s critical to stay on top of the latest changes in the payment industry. The worldwide epidemic brought with it sanitary precautions, which means providing consumers a secure choice like contactless payment is critical. 

All you need to do is generate a QR code that accepts payments and integrates it with your receipt solution. Customers can subsequently scan the code to make payments directly from e-wallets like PayPal. 

Promote Apps 

Apps provide an easy way to access information, visit sites, shop, and access exclusive membership benefits. You can create a QR code as a quick way to download the app. QR codes help to drive downloads, which can boost site traffic and sales. 

Step By Step Guide on How to Get a QR Code for My Website 

A website or a URL QR code directs users to a site by simply scanning the code using a smartphone. A QR code increases your options for marketing — a hotel owner can print a QR code on the menu to encourage patrons to order food online. It’s a smart way to boost your online visibility and sales. 

Here’s how to get a QR code for your website

Step 1: Choose a credible QR code generator. There are multiple QR code generators, so it’s vital to select the right solution that will guarantee security, customer support and offer important updates and an awesome design. 

Step 2: Select the URL from the menu and enter the website address in the blank field to generate the code. 

Step 3: Select dynamic as the type of code. Dynamic code allows you to edit, which activates additional options like tracking and lead management. On the contrary, static code creates a permanent URL that limits key features like tracking site traffic. 

Step 4: Click the generate QR code button to get a QR code. 

Step 5: Customize your website’s QR code. A customized code is visually appealing and attracts more clicks than a standard design. Make changes to patterns, edges, colors, add a frame, and remember to align them with your company’s brand. 

Step 6: Test the code in different smartphone operating systems to confirm whether it’s working. 

Step 7: Download the code in either visible image format like PNG for deployment on printed surfaces like magazines. 

Tips and Tricks for Using QR Codes in Marketing 

Quick Response (QR) codes can have a positive impact on your site when deployed appropriately. For instance, it makes no sense to print a QR code on a billboard because traffic is on the move. 

Here are a few ways to set up a QR code for marketing reasons. 

  • Ensure it is visible and scannable: Create a QR code that’s easily scannable to avoid frustrating customers. Conduct tests before displaying it and avoid placing the code on reflective surfaces. 
  • Package a QR code with a giveaway: If you’re looking to promote the QR code at an event, design a gift accompanied by a small competition. For instance, you can print a QR code on an excellently designed keychain as a freebie for those who’ll utilize the code. 
  • Name tag: Tradeshows are excellent platforms to extend your network and meet new people. You can leverage the traffic by printing a QR code on the name tag to ease the process of exchanging contacts. Even so, ensure to carry business cards for other visitors that prefer hardcopy contacts. 
  • Optimize your content for mobile: QR codes are scanned by mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Sites that are not optimized for mobile devices affect the user experience, leading to a high bounce rate and minimal engagement. Therefore, it’s vital to create a mobile responsive site to complement the QR code. 

QR Codes for Business 

A QR code is a marketing technique that can attract a higher number of site visitors. Therefore, it’s important to generate a QR code from a reputable service provider and apply it strategically for the best results. By integrating a few integrated and tested QR code marketing tactics, you can boost site traffic and lead generation.  

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