What is SEO Writing?

What is SEO Writing?

Today’s digital writers have an arsenal of tools to help manage search results and rankings. And among those tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most invaluable. If used correctly, SEO can help any business owner attract potential customers and most-likely increase conversion rates and user experience. But to do so, it’s necessary to understand what SEO writing entails and how to integrate it into your content. 

What is SEO writing?

So, what is SEO Writing? 

SEO has been around since the inception of the online world. Or at least since the digital world became a platform for content creation. SEO is the not-so-secret tool that professional bloggers and writers alike use to have their content rank among the top results of a query. 

SEO writing is the process of creating content, with the aim of ranking high in search results for a specific topic. This method of writing utilizes targeted keywords and phrases in an article. These keywords help increase an article’s online visibility and ranking. 

Why SEO Writing is Important to Your Organization

If you run an organization, you probably already know how important owning a site is. A website allows potential customers to learn more about your line of work, your products or services, and where you’re located. But, unless they find your site through word of mouth, social media, or online advertising, you’ll need to harness the power of SEO to get customers.

SEO is often utilized in content creation, be it an article, blog post, or video. Without using SEO practices in your article or blog post, there’s very little chance of it ever being found or read. This limits your site’s visibility and limits your chances of setting yourself up as an authority figure in your industry. 

SEO will make sure that your website ranks in the first few pages of search results. Here’s why you want this to happen:

  • Ranking higher equals trust and helps set you up as an authority in your industry
  • It will increase visibility: This means that more people are likely to click on your site 
  • Increased visibility and trust can help convert potential customers into loyal ones
  • Increased organic searches have been found to bring in just under 60% of revenue for businesses

How to Write an Article for SEO

Find a Relevant Keyword

Not just any relevant keyword will do. Start by thinking about your business and what type of items you deal with. That is, do you sell beauty items? Are you in retail? 

Then try to identify what word or phrase a person might use when finding your business or its items or services. For instance, if your business deals with skincare items, chances are your main keyword is skincare. 

This main keyword is also known as the seed keyword. Next, find out the most used keyword phrases connected to your company and then use them in your articles. SEO professionals typically use keyword research tools to determine what keywords people are searching for. To make sure you get the most out of your main word, use them early in your written work.

That means that you should use the main word at least once in your introduction but always in your title. And remember, do not overuse them. This will have your article deemed as “spammy” content and won’t rank as high. 

Think of the Structure 

Now that you already know the keyword and phrase to use, you need to consider structure or format. 

In other words, your article should be simple enough to digest and understand, even when skimmed over. This can be aided by having an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. 

And every main body of an article should be broken down further into smaller sections as well. Short paragraphs made up of three short sentences are extremely favorable. 

Choose Your Title Wisely

A well-structured and well-thought-through title can easily help an article to rank higher. It should be interesting enough to draw attention while still accurately describing the content of the article. It should also house the main keyword without hurting the odds of performing well.

For instance: How to Look Ten Years Younger with Our Top Skincare Secrets. 

The above title has the main keyword, skincare, and is likely to draw a reader in. 

SEO Writing Tips and Reminders

When writing for SEO, there are several things to keep in mind. Here are a few tips and reminders to help you better understand what is expected:

  • Use headings correctly and incorporate keywords into your headings
  • Keep your articles long since Google tends to favor lengthier ones. Three hundred words are usually the minimum when it comes to articles and blog posts.
  • Use internal linking 
  • Don’t forget to use transition words between sentences
  • Write unique meta descriptions.
  • Optimize your image alt tags with keywords
  • Keep updating your content
  • Maintain high-quality content

In conclusion, SEO writing is imperative for any business looking to establish itself online. But as seen above, SEO writing can be a cumbersome process that may require a lot of research and learning. Why not hire the experts instead? 

At Ranksey Digital Marketing, we offer top-notch SEO writing services to our clients. We help your website generate real profit, so you can focus your time and efforts on managing your business. Interested in where your website currently sites with SEO? Get a free SEO audit.

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