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Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC)

Bebe Couture is a small online boutique that designs, manufactures, and sells infant outfits for religious ceremonies, holidays, and weddings. What originally started out as a hobby selling hand-made outfits on Etsy quickly transformed into a real business for owners Zach and Sommer.
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The Challenge

While Bebe Couture enjoyed exponential growth selling on Etsy for the first few years they were in business, their sales plateaued and they realized that Etsy had all of the leverage and control of their business sales. They knew that building an audience on their own online store (outside of Etsy) was the only way that they would see future growth in orders.

They knew that they wouldn’t be able to accomplish this on their own, so they asked us to help them with the strategy and execution of solving this problem for them. Because they didn’t own any of the data from their Etsy customers, they were essentially starting from scratch again. Bebe Couture did have their own website, but it was very basic and needed some professional attention because they weren’t receiving a lot of orders from it.

Our Approach

We started with developing a new e-commerce website for their online storefront that embodied their brand, appealed to their audience, and provided an enjoyable shopping experience for their future customers. We also helped them streamline their order fulfillment process with the help of online tools that we recommend to our e-commerce clients.

Immediately upon the launch of the new website, they saw a notable increase in orders from the traffic that they were receiving. We then transitioned our focus to driving paid traffic to the website to achieve some short-term results and implementing a long-term e-commerce SEO strategy for them.

While it took some time, we were able to help them grow their email list and their monthly website traffic and revenue significantly.

The Results

We’re still seeing our plans through with Bebe Couture, but we’ve achieved a great level of success so far with them. With our help, they have been able to see a 20x increase in organic traffic as well as a 14x improvement in overall store revenue. We love seeing Bebe Couture thrive and we look forward to seeing what else we’re able to accomplish with our partnership.
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Increase - Monthly Organic Traffic
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Increase - Monthly Store Revenue
As of November 2022

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