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Membership Subscription Best Practices With Matthew Holman

149 – Membership Subscription Best Practices With Matthew Holman

E-Commerce Secrets To Scale is a marketing and entrepreneurship podcast that revolves around hearing the stories and strategies of successful entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals to uncover scaling secrets that will impact your online store.

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Matthew Holman, a good friend of Tanner, joins him on this week’s episode to talk about membership subscriptions. Matt is the head of growth at QPilot and he also runs Commerce Catalyst, where he puts on a lot of awesome events here in Utah where Ranksey is based. Anyone that knows Matt knows that he’s the king of networking, but he’s also an expert on subscriptions and e-commerce. In their interview, they chat about some cool strategies that you can use to offer your customers a membership subscription that adds value on both sides as well as product subscriptions. Subscriptions are very under-utilized by a lot of brands and rarely are they executed well, so let’s get into the episode.