How to Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress


How to Install Google Tag Manager on WordPress

Google Tag Manager is one of the most useful tools out there that helps you with integrations for your website. It has endless capabilities of what it can do. The way you install Google Tag Manager (GTM) will vary based on the platform you use. If you host your website on WordPress, then this guide is for you. 

Find Your GTM Code 

The first step to installing GTM onto your WordPress site is to find the GTM code that you paste into your website’s code.  

To find this, go to Google Tag Manager > Admin > Install Google Tag Manager 

After you locate this code, you’ll see there are two blocks of code that you must place in your site’s head and body. 

Keep this tab open, then head over to your WordPress site. 

Install The Plugin 

For GTM to work, the code has to be placed on every page of your website. Instead of doing this manually, you can install a plugin that does this for you. A popular plugin that works well is made by WPCode, which can be found by searching “header and footer” 

Once the plugin is installed, go to it and paste the code in the corresponding sections like so: 

Make Sure The Tag Is Firing 

Whenever you add code or do anything with GMT, it’s best practice to test the changes you made to make sure everything is working properly. To make sure that GTM is installed correctly, go to Google Chrome and download the Tag Assistant Chrome Extension. 

Once installed, head to your website, open Tag Assistant, and click on Enable. 

Once enabled, you’ll need to refresh the page, or just click on another web page within your site. The tag assistant will then show you what tags are showing up in your site’s code. If installed correctly, you’ll see Google Tag Manager appear. 


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