How to Calculate Conversion Rate (And Improve It): A Guide for SMBs

how to calculate conversion rate

Today, most entrepreneurs are taking their operations online, whether they have a physical store or not. The reason, in part, is that you stand to gain a lot as a business owner by taking your operations online. Additionally, most buyers research online before making a purchase. You cannot afford to ignore the importance of using […]

100+ Fresh Digital Marketing Statistics: Stats You Need To Know in 2021

100+ Fresh Digital Marketing Statistics Stats You Need To Know in 2021

It’s no secret that the digital marketing industry moves fast. As marketers, we have to move even faster to stay competitive. The best marketers are constantly learning new marketing tactics and researching the newest trends. Please note that this list does not include any web design statistics. There’s no better way to gain insight into […]

PPC Advertising vs Display Advertising – What is Better For Your Business?

Ranksey - Display Advertising PPC Advertising

So you have a website, but you’re still not getting any leads/sales. What can you do? A website by itself is not going to help your business or website grow without some promotion and strategy behind it. Two popular ways of getting more users on your website is PPC Advertising and Display Advertising. When trying […]

Why PPC Advertising is Worth the Investment in 2020

Why PPC is Worth the Investment

WHAT IS PPC ADVERTISING? Before I can tell you why PPC Advertising is worth the investment, let’s discuss what PPC actually is. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising is a model of search engine marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. In essence, the advertiser pays for each website visitor instead […]